• Medicinal Micropump ModuleSP-IP-5
    The module can realize bolus accuracy of 0.01u,working pressure up to 16psi , features occlusion alarm function. Using non-contact drug pumping, it can be used for high-precision, ultra silent and safe micro pumping of drugs such as insulin, sustained-release drug etc.
    • Bolus Accuracy of 0.01U

    • Non-contact Drug Delivery

    • Occlusion Alarm

    • Ultra Silent

    • Low Daily Cost

    • Own Intellectual Property

  • Introduction

    Medicinal micropump module( SP-IP-5 )is a medical grade, piezoelectric, contactless, silicon-based volumetric pump, specially designed for patch insulin pumps as a disposable medical consumable, featuring silent operation and a lightweight, compact structure.

    Our self-developed MEMS silicon-based micropump supports fixed-volume nano-level and high accurate drug delivery during the full life cycle through its unique self-owned non-contact hydraulic drive system,which achieve artificial pancreas function in conjunction with CGMs. Besides, the module also integrates pressure sensors and real-time anomaly detection to further ensure safety and accuracy.

    • Delivery Accuracy


    • Working Pressure


    • Dose Accuracy


    • Decibel


    • Weight


    • Pumpable Volume


    • Infusion Rate


    • Dimension


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  • Applications
  • For Pets

  • For Animal Experiment

  • For Human

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