• Medical Flow Sensing ModuleLFS-D/M
    Designed for medical flow monitoring, features temperature and bubble detection, millisecond-fast response time. It has passed clinical trial and can realize 7-day real-time monitoring with high precision of ±5%, which meets medical demand of developing smart devices for urine, body fluids, drug and other micro liquid flow.
    • Temperature Detection

    • Real-time Monitoring

    • Miniaturization

    • Medical Package

  • Introduction

    Designed for dynamic monitoring urine flow, the MEMS-based sensor is the core part of medical urine flow sensing module, which measures urine flow dynamic by relying on the thermal measurement principle.

    The module has an accuracy of ±5%, millisecond-fast response time, temperature and bubble detection. It also passed clinical trial, realizing 7-day real-time and accurate monitoring of urine flow, body fluid, drug and other micro liquid flow.

    The module consists of two parts, sensor and conditioning circuit, which need to be connected through pogopin. The sensor consists of a flow channel, a chip and a basic circuit, and the whole is designed with medical consumables, which can realize the real-time monitoring of liquid flow through the inner flow channel, and at the same time transmit the signal to the conditioning circuit, converting them into digital signal output by algorithmic processing. Through real-time monitoring and data processing, the module can enable medical device manufacturers to design intelligent device for the benefit of patients.

    • Precision

      ±5% (or 2.5ml/h)

    • Measuring Range


    • Validity Period

      ≥7 Days (Consumable)

    • Dimension


    • Weight


    • Voltage


    • Biocompatibility

    • Calibration

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  • Applications
  • Infusion Flow Monitoring

  • Urine Flow Monitoring

  • PCA pump Flow Monitoring

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